Amatsu Testimonials For David McCarthy

We have treated over 3,500 clients successfully over the last 12+ years.

Bad Back Pain

‘I have had a bad back for many years. I have tried all roads of therapy for pain and immobility from medical doctors, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractor to faith healers. However none have been as gentle, effective and as profound as Amatsu therapy. My first treatment with David was two years ago and I haven’t looked back since. What I love most about it is that it so gentle and subtle you don’t realise the depth and transformation that is happening until the treatment is finished. It is awesome and I am still amazed with each treatment I get the difference it makes to my well-being and the freedom in my ability to move.’  – Helen Cantrelle

Headache Relief

I was suffering from headaches a number of years ago and both my parents who have attended David’s clinic recommended I try amatsu. Following one treatment my headaches instantly stopped it was amazing!, David found a bone which was creating pressure in my skull and released it through gentle massage.

During my recent visit David treated my asthma as I was finding it hard to manage without taking additional inhalers, David concentrated on my lungs and I have found a huge improvement. I was suffering from headaches also which David realised was due to another area in my body. I find amatsu great as it treats your whole body and doesn’t only look at one area which most other treatments / medication do. David is very easy to talk to and provides excellent advice. I would highly recommend him. – Sharon

Lower Back Pain

I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 2005 and suffered from dreadful bloating as well as ongoing periods of either constipation or diarrhoea. From what seemed to be out of nowhere I developed lower back pain with shooting pain down my left leg. I did not have any fall and could not figure out why this was happening I attended a physiotherapist every month which would resolve the back pain for a week or so and it would inevitably worsen as the weeks progressed. I had completely resigned myself to a life on the couch with a hot water bottle for company. When quite by accident I was recommended David McCarthy by a friend of a friend. I attended David who I found to be very informative and thorough. He asked me all kinds of questions on my first visit a lot of which I was thinking “How is this relevant?”.

However it was all relevant! Through regular 3 weekly visits to David and following his advice of a regime of eating better, drinking lots more fluids than I was previously and daily stretching as well as exercises to work on my weak muscles I have improved immensely. Although I still have bloating it is not as severe and I no longer have ongoing periods of diarrhoea and constipation. I am a very active person and my hot water bottle been discarded except for if there is snow on the ground. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is suffering from pain as Amatsu therapy treats the whole body and not just one area. It has worked wonders for me and helped me to live a fuller life. – Client prefers to remain anonymous

Lower Back Injury

I’ve been attending David for a number of years now, could be 5 or more at this point and go, without fail, every three to four weeks – my choice.

I suffered a lower back injury when I 18 years of age while windsurfing and spent years with “my back going out”. For over 25 years I’d attended a combination of osteopaths and chiropractors. I used to get to a point where I could barely put one foot in front of the other, could hardly drive and was in severe pain. It had a detrimental affect on my life and my work. The fact that the work I do is extremely challenging on a mental and physical level also exasperated the problem. I was constantly in a catch-22 situation.

One day my life changed when someone recommended I go and see David. At this point I would have tried anything. Amatsu with David McCarthy completely turned my life around. I now have a very strong lower back and pelvis, can even do sit-ups in my Pilates class and the bad head-aches and indigestion I also suffered on a regular basis – not realising they were also related to my back and that, in fact, everything is connected – are also a thing of the past.

I insist on seeing David every three weeks because, even though nothing might seem out of place, I get the tweaks and maintenance that I require so that I don’t end up in that dark place of misalignment and pain again. I can’t say I will ever really understand what Amatsu actually is as I’m continuously surprised and fascinated by how it morphs and changes but my body knows what it is and behaves just as it should these days. Committing to an appointment every three weeks might seem extreme, especially during a working day, however, when I tell my bosses I’m going for my “back appointment” and will be back from Shankill as soon as possible, they’re only too delighted to see me go as for me to be flat on my back, in pain, is something that is going to make things very difficult for them!

Every bone, organ, tendon, ligament and muscle in my body has benefitted and continues to benefit from Amatsu. I often say to my partner I just can’t imagine the kind of crock I would be at this point without Amatsu having been a constant in my life for the past number of years.

Some people get pedicures, facials, have spa treatments, whatever, but for me my all-time treat for my body and soul is my Amatsu treatment with David. I can’t recommend a session (or 3) enough! –  Client prefers to remain anonymous

Painful Shoulder Break

“After a bad shoulder break and continuous trips to the physiotherapist with pain issues, I was given David McCarthy’s number by a colleague. My overall health and wellbeing at the time was at an all time low and after a number of sessions with David through his gentle Amatsu therapy, has completed change my life for the better – I am now optimistic, exercise daily and am looking forward to participating in the 2012 Dublin Women’s mini marathon for the first time ever.” – Sonja

Ongoing Back Issues

“I have been attending Dave McCarthy for some years and am very thankful he was recommended to me. I have previously had back surgery which was successful but have still had some ongoing issues with my back and also some other problems. Dave has always given me great care and attention and really solid grounded advice. He has always been able to pinpoint the underlying source of a problem, and also answer all my questions clearly and simply. I always walk away feeling in better shape!” – Diana

Lower Back Pain

I went to David in 2009 – I was suffering from lower back pain and I was suffering from Migraine Headaches. When I first attended David I could not tie my shoes as I could not bend over. After a couple of treatments my back started to get stronger and my Headaches became managable. What I like about David’s treatment is that it is non invasive and David listens to you. I am still attending David on a regular basis and I have and would recommend him to anyone with back or neck trouble. – Orla

Bloating and Discomfort

About 4 years ago I was suffering from what numerous consultants diagnosed as ‘irritable bowl’. I was bloated and felt permanently like I had a really tight band tied around my rib cage. A friend suggested that I try David and after the very first session I got relief. David explained that the problem was coming partly from a valve in my bowel but also from a distortion in my hips. Finally someone who was actually able to look at my whole body and see how the different parts were having an affect on each other! I returned to David every week for about 4 weeks and I at last felt “normal” again. The bloating and discomfort went and my mood dramatically improved. Since that time, I visit David every 4 to 6 weeks, for my “overhaul”! Knocks from the gym, skiing and general life are sorted in 45 minutes and when I leave I feel in balance, mentally and physically. I have tried herbalism, homeopathy, general medicine etc and no one has given me the strength and relief which David achieves in such a short time in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. I now also sporadically bring my kids to David, who in 10 minutes stopped my young daughter throwing her foot out when she walks and 2 or 3 times a year he puts my hockey mad son back together again. I genuinely do not know what I would do without him! –  Client prefers to remain anonymous


Being introduced to Amatsu has had the single most positive impact on my life and my health. I have arthritis in my neck and have gone to David with very bad pain and walked away feeling that he has the key to unwind my body from the pain. I recently suffered numbness in my arm and dizziness and was sent for a brain scan which was clear. My son was getting married in two weeks and I was in a panic that I would have a miserable wedding. Once again Amatsu saved me and released a trapped vertebrae and I was able to go and enjoy the wedding. Conventional medicine has its place but for my health issues David has been a lifeline and I know that whatever trouble I get into with my body he can sort it and that kind of reassurance is worth its weight in gold. I have recommended it to several of my friends some of whom have even brought their young babies and without fail all have benefited from their experience with Amatsu and David.

Thank you David for your support over the years – Trish

Back Pain

“I was a keen Irish hockey player and got a back injury ten years ago. At a closer look, the disks in my lower back are degenerative. I had to seriously limit my sporting activities and always had back pain. Over the years I have been to numerous doctors, physios, consultants and chiropractors. I started seeing David over a year ago and I could feel a huge difference after only three sessions. His sessions, along with a small amount of daily exercise, has extremely helped manage my back pain. David is very friendly, professional and thoroughly recommended.” – Emer Ryan