David McCarthy – Amatsu Practitioner

David McCarthy Amatsu Orthopath Specialist Ireland

David McCarthy is a leading Amatsu and Sports Therapist and operates from the Amatsu Orthopath Clinic in Sandyford, Dublin 18.

Since 2002, David has built his Amatsu practice on getting excellent results and is extremely passionate about his work. He successfully treats back, neck, joint, and muscular pain, nerve entrapment, sports injuries, body misalignment, digestive and headache problems and a multitude of other health issues.

David has seen all types of injuries in his work and has treated many of Ireland’s top sports athletes from amateur to international level. He offers a complete and effective service to his clients by combining the many treatments modalities and skills which he has studied over the years.

David McCarthy’s Qualifications

David has over 14 years’ experience successfully treating over 3,500 clients.  He is a trained to Amatsu Master (Sekkotsu) level, one of four in Ireland.  He is also an Orthopath and trained in Sports Therapy and Visceral Manipulation and has 14 years of continuous training in supporting modalities (techniques).  David is a fully registered member of the Amatsu Association of Ireland, the Amatsu Therapy Association, the Association of Neuromuscular Physical Therapists, the Democratic Orthopathic Council, Embody and the Complementary Therapists Association.

David is co-founder of the Daghda Synergy Amatsu Academy.  He is Programme Director and Chief Instructor of the only four year Amatsu practitioner course, which brings students to Amatsu Sekkotsu (Master) level.

David travels on a regular basis to train with the best teachers from around the world to constantly improve his skill sets for the benefit of his 3,500+ clients. David initially studied under Billy Doolan who is responsible for bring Amatsu to Ireland; and Dennis Bartram in the UK who is a Principal Teacher and Researcher of Amatsu.

David is not only a highly qualified Amatsu Sekkotsu (Master) therapist and tutor but is also an Orthopath,VisceralManipulate and  qualified to give advice on fitness, strength conditioning, core stability, stretching and nutrition. David

David is fully qualified in: Amatsu (Anma, Seitei, Shinden Jutsu and Kenku levels), Sports Therapy (Dip I.T.E.C), Orthopath, Sports Massage (Dip I.T.E.C), Massage (Dip I.T.E.C), Personal Training (Dip I.T.E.C), Sports Nutrition (Cert I.T.E.C), Exercise and Fitness (Fetac and City & Guilds), Sports& Leisure Management (Fetac), Fit For Golf (specialised treatment for golfers from amateur to professional level), N.L.P. train the trainer.

David McCarthy is also qualified as an Amatsu teacher and is a principal in a busy Amatsu training school in Dublin as well.

David has also studied (and uses) various other techniques such as: Trigger Points / Endorphin Release, Fascia releasing, Acupressure, Muscle Energy Technique (advanced stretching), Feldenkrais, Reiki healing, Total Body Modification and applied Kinesiology.



David McCarthy Registrations

David is a fully registered Member of the Amatsu Association of Ireland (AAI), the Amatsu Therapy Association (ATA), the Association of Neuromuscular Physical Therapists (ANMPT), the Democratic Orthopathic Council (DOC), Embody and the Complementary Therapists Association.