Amatsu Treatment

An Amatsu therapy treatment, referred to as a ‘balance’, normally takes 30 minutes. For the most part, treatments are carried out with clients fully dressed.

On your first visit a detailed personal history will be taken. Your therapist will consider everything you say and will give you the time to talk fully about your problem. We believe it is important to put all the pieces together so that we have the fullest picture of how your body is coping. We use a combination of observation, testing and palpation (touch) to gather information about the current health status of your body.

After appraising your needs the Amatsu treatment will start using a combination of soft tissue techniques including:

  • Anma massage.
  • Natural movement orientated mobilisation
  • Proprioceptive balancing
  • Visceral and cranial balancing (Shinden and Kenku Jutsu levels.)

The techniques utilised will range from the very gentle, to the more firm depending on the age, health and needs of each client.

We will discuss with you how the different techniques work and why we are doing what we are doing.

We tailor your balance each and every time according to your needs on that day.

We regularly ask you for feedback as to your health and well-being in between balances and construct your balance around this, whilst always taking into account your medical history.



How many Amatsu Treatments will I need?

This may vary depending on your condition and the severity, age, and fitness, and how your body responds to the treatment. It is not unusual to feel the difference straight away, but usually people start to feel changes after 4-6 treatments. In long tern chronic conditions however it may be longer.

Clients often return to treatment after the resolving of their initial problem in order to maintain their health. Some clients like to make regular visits; this might be once a month. Others will return based on their needs. We firmly believe that ‘prevention is than cure’ and therefore encourage our clients to learn to read and listen to the signs sent by the body.

Regular visits may well protect you from a build-up of the everyday stresses of life in your body.

amatsu training in Japan


Can children have an Amatsu treatment?

Amatsu is highly effective at treating issues in children as they can be even more responsive than adults due to their flexibility. Please note that individuals under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all Amatsu sessions. This is part of child safety guidelines in Ireland which we are happy to comply with at all times.

Amatsu therapy cannot be used instead of medical treatment without consultation from your GP.



Amatsu Health Insurance Coverage

Treatment at Amatsu Orthopath Clinic Dublin is covered by Healthcare Insurance providers VHI, Laya, Glo and Aviva.